Pushing the Z6 at a Wedding

We heard it all about this camera since the release of the Z7. From 1 memory card slot to the different lenses available for this system (or the lack of them). So I won't be discussing any of that, instead I will be talking about my experiencing shooting with a Mirrorless in a real wedding.

Recently, my beloved D3s broke down and I had to decide to either buy a second D850, or a used D750 or go bold and get the new Z6. (I didn't want to get the Z7 since I had the same large file sizes from the recently purchased D850). 

I was skeptical whether or not it will perform as well as my other DSLRs (I also have a D4, but just too bulky & heavy for 12+ hour weddings). So in order for me to really decide if it will be as my secondary camera, is to test the S*&# out of it. Pushing the ISO, trying OCF, well you get the point. 

I will share the settings of every picture in this post, so please let me know if you have questions, or you want me to test something at my next wedding. 

Let's Begin! 


ISO Performance

How good can the ISO be with this camera? Well, even at ISO 8000, files were usable! Crazy! For sure I won't blow up every shot, but still very impressive. 

The picture on the right is the 100% CROP (with some details). We can see grain at 100% but this photo has not done any correction other the colour. (No noise reduction, or sharpening) 

ISO 8000 | 85mm F1.8 | 1/1250 Sec

Untitled photo


So how does the camera handle sharpness? At that point, I didn't have the 50mm Nikkor F1.8 (the native one). So I was shooting with the 85mm F1.8 most of the time, or the 24-35 F2. 

Here is an image using the face recognition. Very decent! 

ISO 1600 | 85mm F1.8 | 1/160 Sec

Untitled photo

Nikkor 50mm 1.8s

I am not normally a 50mm Shooter. Actually my whole day consists of shooting with 24/35/85mm since I owned all of these lenses already, I opted for the Nikkor Z 50mm 1.8s. The size is a little bigger than the 50mm 1.4G & 1.8G. 

The sharpness & speed is pretty impressive. I also found that it focuses well in low-light situations. I feel it does act as a 1.4, so for sure I can't wait for when they will release the 1.2 lens line-ups! 

Silent Mode

Do we always need to have the newest gadget or the newest features? The real answer is no, but it's a nice to have! The more I use it the more I find it very useful in many situations. A priest is saying a prayer, or a bride reading a letter; with silent mode on, we just are there to capture without interfering or distracting! 

I don't see myself using it all the time, since I am still not used to not hear that click, I need to know the picture has been taken. 

Flash & OCF

We all know the mirrorless doesn't work the same as DSLR, which in most of the cases, great! One thing I really like is to see how the picture will turn out so you can adjust before taking the picture. 

For flash though, it doesn't recognize the FLASH/OCF is on so it still shows how the picture will be, before the flash is on. Which is not a big deal once you get used to it, but until then, it takes longer for me to get a good picture.

There is a feature to have it be like a DSLR, but it somehow defeats the purpose of having it. So I am still undecided if I want to put that feature on or not. 


Well, I hope this real-life test was informative to you! All in all I am happy with my purchase of the Z6 but I still need time to get used to it!

The question I was asking myself, if it will ever replace my DSLR? It's really hard to say, but for now, I still love my D850 and it will remain to be my main camera. No doubt that it is a great addition: It's lightweight, has great performance, and it keeps the Nikon's ergonomics! 

I can't wait for what's coming in the near future: Eye EF, CFexpress, & new native lenses!

Please enjoy these next pictures that were taken with the Z6! (some with Nikon F-mount lenses and some with the 50mm F1.8s).

Any comments? Share them with me!

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