Madi | Photography - Montreal Wedding Photographer

I am a Montreal-Based Creative Wedding photographer. Striving to perfect myself, I would be honoured to document your wedding day, whether it is local or International!

Frequent Questions

How do your coverages work? How many pictures do you take? 

My easy answer is: Everything that needs to be covered on your wedding day will be. Whether it is preparation pictures, Ceremony, Reception, Dancing, Drinking .... well you get the point! Don't you worry, we will make sure to cover the day as it is supposed to be! Using this principle, we have no limit on the amount of hours and the number of pictures you will get on your wedding, we really just want to capture every moment of the most special day of your lives!

What is your photography style? 

This is a question I get often and it is a very good one! I would have to say that we use a combination of styles. On one hand, we will take a photojournalistic approach, where we would capture the moments without any intervention from our part. On the other hand, we would also like to have a few pictures with the proper lighting and posing, so whenever we get a few moments alone, we would take advantage of that!

How long does it take to get our images & how many do we get?

As I have mentioned above, we don't calculate on the amount of pictures we take since we don't know what is going to happen that day. On average, our clients receive 1000 images that are retouched specifically for your wedding. We take time to go through every image and select the best ones throughout the day, then we would go through our extensive retouching. All of this process would take somewhere between 6 to 12 weeks! 

Do you just do Photography?

Absolutely not! At Madi Photography have many services for you! From a great video team (Fabula Films) with an extensive coverage to a Fully automated Photobooth. All of these services including our photography service have complete packages. Please contact us so we can chat a little and get a better idea for your wedding! 

Do you also photograph details & family formals?

Of course. Although we love to take creative shots, we find that details and formals are just as important as any other pictures at your wedding.  We make sure that your wedding collection is as complete as you expect it! And besides, parents and grandparents really want to keep these formals around the house somewhere!