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Hello hello! Thanks for visiting and welcome to my site! I am happy you have found me! 

We are all at our best when we're happy. As a photographer, my goal is to capture and immortalize, in a fresh and creative way, happiness, love and mostly, those special moments that secretly occur when no one else is looking. 

What better way to reminisce about one of the most important and joyful days of your life than by flipping through an album filled with magical, unique photographs of your wedding day. Let me tell you, through my eyes and my lens, a gorgeous, memorable and colourful love story that you will cherish forever!

Even before my photography days, I always said Pictures & Videos that we take in our every day lives are the ones that we keep and are the ones that will tell our life story. This is why I am here, to give you awesome photos to add to your story! 

Take the time to take a look through the the galleries, the videos ... laugh a little & awe a lot.

If my images convinced you to contact me, then it will be a great pleasure to meet you and to assist you in your photographic journey on your wedding day. 

P.S. You might be wondering why I am not smiling in the picture on the left ... well, the short answer, I was concentrating on my camera settings just before a shoot! (The truth!!)

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